On My Honor is an initiative to promote planned giving among those who hold Woodberry dear. When you include the school in your estate plans, you become a member of the Walker Society donor recognition group. Walker Society members include alumni, parents and grandparents; faculty members, past and current; and Headmaster Byron Hulsey '86. You also gain the satisfaction of directing your gift to three important areas – financial aid, faculty support, and program development – and help to ensure that the school you love will have the resources neccessary to sustain it into the future. 

How your planned gift can help Woodberry
Financial Aid

“I couldn’t have gone to Woodberry, which for me was a transformational experience, without financial aid. At Woodberry, I met all kinds of new people from all over the country whom I would have never met in the rural area where I grew up..."

Faculty Support

“In 1985, I received support from Woodberry to study the stage history of Shakespeare’s King Lear in England. It was, without a doubt, the best summer of my life..."

Program Development

"I work with the third formers on their very first history research project. They’re eager, they’re earnest, they’re curious — and they’re completely overwhelmed. I introduce them to a variety of general research tools, print and online, from our library..."

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